“Speak Out - Act Up!” Improvised Drama Competition 2018

Date: 15/03/2018

Name of Organizing Body:
Enhanced NET Scheme in Secondary School

On 15th March 2018, five of our students participated in the “Speak Out - Act Up!” Improvised Drama Competition. In this competition, students are provided with two topics to prepare of which one of those is chosen on the day. When the topic is chosen, teams have 5 minutes to prepare for their performance.

The King’s College team comprising 1C MA Tsz-hong, Donald, 1C LEE Hou-him Hagan, 1C FUNG Chun-to, Richard, 1C WONG Sze-chit, Jeff and 1D CHIANG Keith performed admirably with an energetic dramatic style and humour that impressed the judges. In a strong field of 13 schools they obtained second in the Team Prize. The boys found the experience both enjoyable and exhilarating.



Award / Prize / Scholarship


MA Tsz-hong, Donald
LEE Hou-him Hagan
FUNG Chun-to, Richard
WONG Sze-chit, Jeff

Second in the Team Prize