2018 Junior WIDPSC Public Speaking Competition

Date: 12/05/2018

Name of Organizing Body: 
Hong Kong Schools Debating and Public Speaking Community Ltd

Two of our students, Sudarshan Swathi and Khan Saahil Alam from S.2D, participated in the 2018 Junior WIDPSC Public Speaking Competition on 12th May, 2018, which is an annual international English language debating and public speaking tournament. After a series of strenuous trainings with the teacher, the two students rose to the occasion in the competition and obtained excellent results. Despite their first time taking part in this competition against students from other top-notch secondary schools and international schools in Hong Kong, Sudarshan Swathi ranked 6th in the Impromptu Speaking Competition and 12th in overall while Khan Saahil Alam was in the overall top 18 in the competition. Their amazing performance shows their passion in public speaking and their hard work finally pays off.