Chunky Onion Drama Show

Date: 16/05/2017

Name of Organizing Body: 
English Department

The Chunky Onion drama team came to our school and staged an entertaining drama show “Beauty and The Beast” on 16th May, 2017 for all S.1-S.3 students. Chunky Onion’s production of Beauty and the Beast is a comic tale of romance and inner beauty. The drama is full of love, life and music. The story begins with Belle preparing to celebrate her birthday and for her present, she has asked her father for a beautiful rose. Her father finds the perfect rose but when he picks it, he is confronted by a hideous Beast. As a replacement for his flower, the Beast steals Belle, forcing her to live with him in his castle. Belle’s father seeks help from Claude, a rich noble man who wants to marry Belle. They both try to save Belle. When Claude turns out to be a coward, Belle’s father learns that letting him marry Belle would be a mistake. 

The music and dances of the show were greatly admired. The whole audience was involved in this highly interactive play, and the applause was deafening when teachers and students acted on the stage. This adaptation definitely aroused students’ interest in one of the most famous fairy tales and English drama performance.