English Debating Friendly Match with Sacred Heart Canossian College

Date: 14/02/2017

Name of Organizing Body:
English Department and English Debating Team

To better promote English Debating in our school and let our students gain more experience, a friendly English Debate Competition was organized on 14th February, 2017 between our school and Sacred Heart Canossian College. Our speakers, Chan Ho Ming, Peter from S.5D, Sze Tik from S.3A and Cheung Jit Hei from S.3B were well-prepared for such a fierce debate competition on the motion “This House, as the LGBT movement, welcomes queerbaiting. We invited an experienced HKU English Debating team member to be our adjudicator. At the end of the debating competition, he gave a lot of constructive feedback to both sides for further improvement.

Our debaters performed extraordinarily and showed their talents in debating. This was a precious opportunity for them to polish their debating skills and thereby lay the foundations for more competitions in the future.