Junior Public Speaking Workshop and Senior Public Speaking and Interview Workshop

Date: 17/12/2016

Name of Organizing Body: 
English Department and English Debating team

Date of Event: 
15/10/2016-17/12/2016: Junior Public Speaking Workshop (1st term)
25/3/2017-3/6/2017: Junior Public Speaking Workshop (2nd term)
6/5/2017-3/6/2017: Senior Public Speaking and Interview Workshop

People easily remember ‘I have a dream’ from Martin Luther King or ‘we shall fight them on the beaches’ from Winston Churchill. Great speeches have often changed the course of history and the power of great orators can influence the world through the ripple effect of their words.

As the world’s leading platform are full of live debate, our school is keen to promote public speaking and debating skills amongst our students, especially the ones in junior forms. From 25th March, 2017 – 3rd June, 2017, the English Department and English Debating Team organized a Public Speaking Workshop for our S1 to S2 students. The eight Saturday workshops was run by an experienced native instructor with an aim to developing students’ confidence in public speaking and expanding their knowledge in global issues. The workshops brought students together in small groups to craft their arguments, practice public speaking and take part in the interactive discussion. 

Students found the workshops fun and they could acquire the skills to communicate effectively and the confidence to speak up.

A similar workshop “Senior Public Speaking and Interview Workshop” was also organized for senior form students from 6th May, 2017 to 3rd June, 2017 so as to help them build up confidence in speaking English and equip them with different skills and techniques of interviews. These skills not only help them in the upcoming public examination, but also prepare them for university admission interviews and job interviews in the future.