Mock Interview

Date: 11/02/2016

Name of Organizing Body: 
Careers and Life Planning Education Committee  

Name of Guest Speaker :
Representatives of the HKU Admissions & Academic Liaison Section, Registry and HKU student ambassadors  

In collaboration with the University of Hong Kong, a mock interview was held on 11 February 2016 at the HKU campus. It was run by the staff working at the HKU Admissions & Academic Liaison Section, Registry and also some HKU student ambassadors, about 70 of our students participated in this activity. Facing university interviews can be a daunting experience for secondary students, especially when they are asked to speak English in the rigorous admission interviews of some top universities. After the mock interview, our students reflected that this activity enabled them to practise English with fluent speakers and experience a simulated interview for about 30 minutes. More importantly, students could learn to think on their feet and this mock interview could help them build self- esteem and allow them to have more authentic experience in attending interviews.