S1 Admission Talk

Date: 28/11/2015

Name of Organizing Body: 
S1 Admission Team  

To give more comprehensive information about the application procedures for our prospective S1 students and their parents, two identical S1 Admission Talks were held on 28 November 2015 with around 500 parents and their boys attended each of the talk. Both the P6 students and their parents were informed of the School Vision and Mission, School Curriculum, Academic Achievements, Student Development Opportunities and the Admission Procedures by our Principal, Mrs. CHAN WOO Mei-hou, Nancy and Vice-principal, Mr. YU Chung-ching respectively, it was followed by the Question-and-Answer Sessions. After the Admission Talks, two sessions of campus tours were organized by our School Ambassadors. All of our guests had an informative and enjoyable morning.

The application period for discretionary places (2016-17) runs from 4 January – 20 January 2016. Application forms and selection criteria are available at our school website (http://www.kings.edu.hk).