Plant Exhibit Competition - Hong Kong Flower Show 2017

Date: 19/03/2017

Name of Organizing Body: 
Leisure and Cultural Services Department

The Hong Kong Flower Show 2017 organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department was held between 10th and 19th March 2017 at Victoria Park. A signature horticultural event in the territory, the Show impressed flower lovers with garden plots and displays exquisitely crafted with creativity and skill, drawing support from more than 200 horticultural organisations, private firms and government departments from 17 countries. 

Plant Exhibition Competition was one of the delightful activities arranged to complement the Flower Show, attracting enthusiastic participation from the public and schools. Through our second attempt in public Plant Exhibit Competitions of Hong Kong Flower Shows, our school was honoured various recognitions this year as follows:



Award / Recognition

Section 12 - Secondary School Potted Plant Growing/Nursing Competition (Secondary Schools of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon)

90(i) - African Violet

Champion / First Prize

90(ii) - Fern

Second Prize

90(iii) - Cactus

Third Prize

90(iv) - Foliage Plant

Highly Commended

90(v) - Ornamental Fruit Plant

Highly Commended