School Mission

To help each student discover and develop his potential fully and promote his development as a whole person by providing a balanced education in the moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic spheres and by providing a learning environment that is disciplined, stimulating and forward-looking.

Our Goals

  1. To promote the learning of knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to meet the challenges of a changing world.
  2. To broaden minds and to promote awareness that learning is a life-long process.
  3. To develop an inquiring mind and the ability to find, evaluate and use information to solve problems and to encourage independent thinking and creativity.
  4. To promote self esteem, positive attitudes and sound physical and mental health.
  5. To promote respect for others and constructive interpersonal relationships.
  6. To promote better understanding of the forces that shape modern society, at the local, national and world levels, and to encourage a caring attitude and greater civic awareness.
  7. To develop interests and talents and to promote appreciation of man's natural and cultural heritage.
  8. To promote the on-going professional development of staff and to encourage a developmental culture within the school.
  9. To seek to achieve the above goals by stressing active, first-hand learning experiences, by setting systematically planned, forward-looking policies and by working closely with parents and the community.

Our Values

We share and seek to promote the following values and attitudes
  • Self discipline, respect for law and order and responsible behaviour
  • Self respect, respect for the right of others and appreciation of other people's achievements and efforts
  • Active involvement in school life, sense of the school as a community at large
  • A caring attitude and service towards others and towards the community at large
  • A commitment to excellence in what we undertake to do
  • A positive, forward-looking attitude
  • Living in harmony with our environment