Important Messages

  • 有關「班主任課」學生問卷調查

    Student Survey on Form Teacher Periods
    Please login to e-Class to complete the Student Survey on or before 12th March, 2020.

  • 取消2019-2020年度親子旅行

  • 取消原定於2020年3月14日(星期六)舉行之2020-2021年度中一自行分配學位面試,詳情請按此處

    Cancellation of the Interview for 2020-2021 Secondary 1 (S1) Discretionary Places (DP) Applications scheduled on 14 March 2020 (Saturday). Please press here for details.
    For applicants who would like to submit supplementary supporting documents, please do it in person or via mail (with reference number printed on the envelope) to our school on or before 14 March 2020 (Saturday).

  • 取消停課期間所有課外活動 

    Cancellation of All Extra Curricular Activities During the Period of School Suspension
    All Extra Curricular Activities to be held during the period of school suspension would be cancelled or postponed. S.1D Visit to Food Angel scheduled on 17 March would be postponed. Rearrangements and notices for concerned activities would be made after class resumption.

  • 學校開放時間調整及新型傳染病預防措施

  • 有關「學生津貼 」申請事宜


    Application of Student Grant

    Students who have not yet submitted the application form of Student Grant, please return the form to Form Teacher on 16 March for completing the procedure.    

  • 延長農曆新年假期期間上載課業及網上學習安排
    鑑於疫情嚴峻,為保障學童的健康,教育局宣布全港學校延長農曆新年假期,不早於三月十六日復課。本校各科準備了工作紙、學習材料或網上教學材料,並上載至e-Class或科任老師使用的電子平台,請督促  貴子弟在指定時間完成課業,並按指示交予科任老師批改。為了加強學校與家長的溝通,本校會適時更新學校網頁(資訊,請家長留意載於學校網頁的公布。‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

    Arrangement of uploading worksheets, learning materials and online learning during the extended Chinese New Year Holidays 
    In view of the outbreak of pneumonia cases, the Education Bureau (EDB) announced that all schools in Hong Kong will defer class resumption after the Chinese New Year holidays and will not resume classes before 16 March in order to safeguard students' health. During the period, students should keep learning by using the worksheets, learning materials as well as online teaching materials uploaded to e-Class or other platforms used by subject teachers. Students have to finish the assigned learning tasks and submit their homework to the subject teachers on time. To facilitate effective home-school communication, our school will keep updating information on the school website ( timely; parents are advised to pay close attention to the announcements on our school website.

  • 特別通告 


    Special Announcement

    There has been a number of public events recently and parents should always place students’ safety as their top priority. Our school will provide flexibility on students who are late for school due to exceptional occasions (e.g. adverse traffic conditions). Parents could exercise your discretion in deciding whether or not to send your children to school due to the adverse traffic condition or other occasions and should inform the school of your decisions and underlying reasons.  

  • 澄清聲明


    Clarification Statement

    It has come to our attention that a video clip with a title relating our school has been widely circulated among online social media recently. Upon investigation, the school name mentioned by the student in the video clip is found not the name of our school. As the title contains our school name by mistake, a clarification is thus made.

  • Appeal for Sponsorship and Pre-ordering of the Fig Tree 2018-2019