The World Scholar’s Cup

Date: 05/03/2016

Name of Organizing Body :
World Scholar's Cup Foundation

The World Scholar’s Cup is a competition where students of all backgrounds can find their motivation to discover new strengths and practice new skills by competing with each other. It consists of 4 events: Team Debate, Collaborative Writing, the Scholar’s Bowl and the Scholar’s Challenge. Each of these events tests students’ writing and debating skills, and most importantly, their desire to learn.

At this year’s World Scholar’s Cup Hong Kong Regional Round, six students from Form 2 represented King’s College and came back with amazing results, obtaining 7 gold medals and 6 silver medals in total. Both of the teams have qualified for the Global Round in late June, which will be held in Bangkok, Thailand. 

The team members of each team are: 





Team 1

Sze Tik 2C

Cheung Jit Hei 2C (05)

Choy Tung Chun 2B (08)

Team 2

Lachlan James Judge 2C (12)

Chow Yu Hei 2C (07)

Choy Yat Long 2C (08)