The World Scholar’s Cup

Date: 05/03/2017

Name of Organizing Body:
World Scholar's Cup Foundation

The Scholar’s Cup with the cute South American ‘Alpaca’ as its mascot, promotes academic excellence, interdisciplinary learning, team work and internationality. This world-wide competition not only tests students’ writing, debate skills and knowledge of the content in the global study topics of History, Science, Art, Literature, Music, Current Affairs and a Special Area theme, but it also provides opportunities for students to meet and listen to noteworthy speakers. 

In March 2017, our students participated in the World Scholar’s Cup Hong Kong Round. Our five World Scholar teams comprising of S.3 students achieved excellent results in the Hong Kong Round of the competition with all teams making it to the global round in Hanoi in June, 2017. Two teams ranked fourth and fifth out of more than 100 participating teams.

This was quite a feat as they only began their preparations after their Half-yearly Examination and had volumes to learn for the competition. They really were wonderful ambassadors for our school with their exemplary behaviors and terrific results as the team members got 4 trophies and a lot of medals in the competition. This showcased our students having excellent speaking and debating skills and possessing in-depth knowledge of different domains. 

The team members are:

Group 1 Ryan SZE 3A; Alan CHAN 3A; Timothy LEE 3A

Group 2 Gene CHOY 3B; Matthew CHUM 3B; Calvin YAU 3B

Group 3 Lachlan JUDGE 3D; Neo YEUNG 3C; Thomas CHU 3A

Group 4 Chris LAU 3B; Lok MA 3C; Brian WONG 3B

Group 5 Jonah WONG (Queen’s College); Hayden CHEUNG 3B; Zoe CHEUNG (St. Francis Canossian College)