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Important Message

  • 特別通告 


    Special Announcement

    There has been a number of public events recently and parents should always place students’ safety as their top priority. Our school will provide flexibility on students who are late for school due to exceptional occasions (e.g. adverse traffic conditions). Parents could exercise your discretion in deciding whether or not to send your children to school due to the adverse traffic condition or other occasions and should inform the school of your decisions and underlying reasons.  

  • 取消2019年11月11日課外活動 
    Cancellation of Extra Curricular Activities on 11 November 2019

    2019年11月11日(一) 取消所有放學後的課外活動,有關調動詳情已通知學生。
    All after school Extra Curricular Activities to be held on 11 November (Monday) would be cancelled. Notice concerning classes has been shared with concerned students.

  • 澄清聲明


    Clarification Statement

    It has come to our attention that a video clip with a title relating our school has been widely circulated among online social media recently. Upon investigation, the school name mentioned by the student in the video clip is found not the name of our school. As the title contains our school name by mistake, a clarification is thus made.

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  • 購買校服事宜

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