Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Training Course for S4 students funded by King’s College Education Foundation

Date: 18/11/2018

Name of Organizing Body:

Collaborated by STEM Education Team & I.T. Team


Robocar Rally S.T.E.A.M Project

Goals and Objectives of the workshop:

The goal of the course is to combine Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) with robotics in an environment for a self-directed learning experience and to develop critical thinking for team-based problem-solving. Through this environment, students’ initial contact with AI/ML is designed to be engaging and fun. 

The objective is to help them be aware of the possibilities of embedded AI/ML in robotics and help them focus on a specific direction in line with their interests and ability. Building on this experience, participant may make small and incremental steps in realizing their goals.

Scope of Work in the Course:

The robocar will run along the track over 10 times and then upload images to the cloud for machine learning. Then, the robocar have self-driving ability and stay in the driving lane.

Day 1: 18-12-2018

1. Lecture on the Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) with robotics

2. Assemble Robocar Hardware

3. Install Software

Guest Speaker: Aarti Balana from Hanson Robotics 

Day 2

4. Calibration of Car

5. Test drive using a remote

Guest Speaker: Mr. Jonathan Tse from Hong Kong Society of Autonoumous Model Vehicles SAMV (香港自動駕駛模型協會)

Day 3

6. Train an autopilot

7. Experiment with Simulator

Day 4

8. Create the racing track

9. Race against other teams