S6 Joint School Oral Practice with St. Clare’s Girls’ School

Date: 18/02/2016

Name of Organizing Body:
English Department

In order to better prepare our students to sit for the upcoming HKDSE English Speaking Examination, our school hosted the Joint School Oral Practice with St. Clare’s Girls’ School on 18 February 2016, in which more than 280 students participated with the help of about 10 teachers and student helpers respectively. Participating students underwent three rounds of group discussion and individual response, and were given feedback from both the teachers and peers afterwards. This was a rewarding and precious experience for the participating students. It served as a platform for them to better understand their strengths and weaknesses and to excel themselves. Most of them showed appreciation of the chances to speak English in front of strangers and receive valuable advice from different teachers as well as their counterparts, and agreed that the event has better equipped them for the upcoming HKDSE Speaking Examination.